NSW Office of Sport Update 17.7.2020

NSW Office of Sport released an update yesterday with regards to Community Sport.

What this means for Clubs:

  • Attendance at games this weekend – only 1 PARENT is allowed to attend with each player
  • Attendance Registers (updated form) – attendance registers have been updated (see attached) to include asking all participants if they have been to Victoria or one of the reported case locations within NSW
  • Confirming Players and Parents have not attended hot spots – Clubs should confirm, and keep records of confirmation, that players and parents have not travelled to Victoria, or attended one of the reported case locations within NSW – a person that answers yes to either of those questions should NOT ATTEND any training or games – this needs to be done ASAP and before players attend training or games tomorrow or Sunday
  • Covid-19 Return to Train and Play Safety Plans (update required) – an update to your previously approved Return to Train and Play Safety Plan is required for ALL CLUBS – this should be completed before teams compete this weekend – I have attached an amendment that you can sign and return that we can attach to your previously approved plan – please keep in mind that you will have to action all points in this template once you have signed and returned which includes contacting all member of your Club, before they attend or participate tomorrow to ensure that no player or parent has been to Victoria within the last 14 days
  • Hosting Clubs (Update Posters) – Clubs that are hosting home games should ensure that they print and display the attached poster with regards to the 1 parent / spectator requirement along with DO NOT ATTEND notice for those that have travelled to Victoria or reported case locations in NSW (this is part of the Safety Plan amendment)
  • Hosting Clubs (Public Service Announcements) – Clubs are also encouraged to regularly broadcast the attached Public Service Announcement by Jamie Soward which reminds your spectators of their responsibilities (this is part of the Safety Plan amendment)
  • Communication to your Club Members – please utilise all of your websites and social media pages to communicate these changes to your members and your local communities – reinforce 1 parent only – people should only attend if necessary and never attend if sick or if someone has been to a hotspot either in NSW or has visited Victoria in the past 14 days

Please be reminded that it is imperative that all Clubs have a copy of their Covid-19 Return to Train and Play Plan, including the amendment required from this email, at their grounds and that Clubs are following their plans. 

  • Social distancing should be enforced
  • Get in, Play, Get out should be enforced
  • Hygiene measures including hand sanitising, equipment cleaning and common surface cleaning should be followed

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