Major Covid-19 Changes

  • All players, coaches and spectators who stay at the ground for training must sign in and out
  • Any child who is unwell must not attend training
  • 1 parent per player maximum attendance
  • Parents are encouraged to drop their child off and pick up at the end of training (hard for the littlies)
  • Each team is responsible for maintaining their register of attendance. At the end of training a clear photo must be sent to Desiree at If not received by 8pm that day your team will not be able to attend their next training session
  • Change rooms and club house is closed
  • The only equipment to be used are tees, balls and cones/field markers. All equipment must be sanitised before and after your session
  • Social distancing still applies so no tackling, touch etc

  • Own water bottles please
  • Fields are clearly defined on the map and each team has a copy of the map and training time/field schedule
  • Please leave immediately at the end of your designated session
  • Each team will be supplied with sanitiser/cleaning solution. Please ensure all players and coaches etc who are at the ground apply this before and after each session
  • If a child becomes unwell whilst training please ensure they immediately leave the ground. If their parent is unable to collect them immediately then they must be isolated from the group. Contact either myself or Desiree and we will organise transport home/open the change room until they can be collected
  • Random temperature checks will be done so please emphasise that unwell children cannot train

If there are any issues with parents not complying with the rules, please contact either:

  • Emma Cassidy 0401 818 8120
  • Desiree Abbott 0431 538 266

One person could jeopardise the whole season so they must be dealt with by the Club.

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