Life Members

This is a list of Life members who because of their dedication as either players, coaches, managers or administrators  have kept the club alive since 1932:

1963: Jack Kirninment
1965: Russ Brown
1968: Jim Pounder and Keith Crompton
1973: Kel O’Sullivan and John Field
1974: Bill Cassidy
1975: Tom Wright
1976: John Lawler
1977: Barry Hall
1978: Brian Stewart and Mick Peters
1979: Merv Spence
1980: Bill Colless
1981: Doug Miller
1982: Dennis Evans
1983: John Graham
1984: Bob Humphreys
1985: George April
1986: Peter Clarkson
1987: Alan Thompson
1988: Graeme Glover
1989: Barry Davies
1990: Ron Colless
1991: John Perry
1992: Mark Gerard
1993: Sean Townsend
2000: Don Freudenstein, Gary Dimond and John Rousell
2002: Phil Hunter and Carmel Freudenstein
2004: John Clarke
2005: Mick Adams, Janelle Glover and Dave Rush
2006: Geoffery Foster
2007:  Anthony Balkin And Craig Lovelace
2011: Mick Hodges and Col Halinan
2013 Gary Liddell
2016 Shane Bullock and Toni Couper

Congratulations to all of our life members and thank you very much for all the effort you put in.